Dura Flue 6 Inch (150mm) 316 Grade Flexible Flue Liner Pack Reviews

The liner packs we sell provide you with everything you’ll need to fit and connect your liner. Our liner packs includes the flexible flue liner, rigid to flex flue adaptor to connect the flexible flue liner to the stove pipe and a pot hanger rain cap, acting as a bird guard, cowl and supports the liner from chimney pot. The flexible liner in this pack 6 inch 316 grade flue liner which is constructed from two individual strips of 316 stainless steel. It also has a 15 year guarantee compared to the 10 years that most other liners offer. Most other liners are made from one strip of steel which is folded to create the inner and outer layer. This folding weakens the steel. As Dura Flue is made from two strips of steel this weakening doesn’t happen meaning it’s a strong more reliable flexible flue liner. This pack is also available with an increasing adaptor. This is used if your stove has a 5 inch outlet and you want to connect to a 6 inch flue liner. A 6 inch liner is required if you wish to burn coal.


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