Horse Flame Elessar Multi Fuel Stove Reviews

The HF717 generates gives out a massive 12kw to heat a space of around 160m2. The large single window door provides an impressive view of the large capacity grate to create a warm and welcoming ambience in any room. The Dual Air Control feature provides flexible heat output and also helps control fuel consumption. Horse Flame’s secondary burn chamber ensures that a minimum of 90% of emitted gases and particles are re-burned to turn into additional heat and energy. This means you get a cleaner and more efficient combustion of the solid fuel which is therefore also much better for the environment. This greater all-round efficiency saves on fuel, especially at low burn settings. The Horse Flame Air Wash system draws air from the top of the door to ‘wash’ the inner surface of the front door glass, helping prevent unwanted particle deposits blackening it, and thus maintaining a clear view of your fire. Wide Viewing Window Radiant Heat Output 12kW output Primary & Secondary Air Controls


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